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"I first met Wendy some year ago when we were decorating our home in Hawthorn her services were invaluable. At that time Wendy was working for an esteemed paint company and I required advice on colour. I was comfortable with Wendy she is engaging and a good listener. Wendy spent considerable time with me providing a varied colour palette as well as advising me on the best paint type for the areas of our home to be painted both inside and out. Her knowledge and suggestions saved us money and time and the end result remains as pleasing today as the day our decoration was completed. I wish Wendy well in her new venture. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her she is personable, capable and organised."

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Maude Smith

"Wendy Rennie has worked with me over the last twelve years to turn three different houses into homes. With each project, she helped me understand how we could use colour to overcome the constraints of the building and create the warm and inviting spaces I hoped to inhabit. Her guidance has allowed me to make bold choices, cherished by visitors, as well as steering me to the more subtle where balance was needed. In each case, the overarching theme and palette that she has devised has been harmonious, withstanding trends and fashion to leave a lasting impression on everyone who has walked through my doors. My partner has joked that I only wanted to move so I could have another project with Wendy."

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Kirsten Cameron

what clients are saying

“We love our painting done by Wendy Rennie on our return from Western Australia. We love the Waratah banksia which we first saw in Cape Le Grande National Park near Esperance. Wendy’s painting captures the dynamic flower of this species”.

Sue and Ian Quake

“I have 3 beautiful paintings by Wendy. I adore her colour skill and her ability to combine it with texture and abstract form, resulting in organic, alluring works"

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Sue McDonald

"Having already been aware of Wendy’s skills as a colour consultant for some time through my architectural profession, my wife and I were delighted to be able to acquire two of Wendy’s paintings a little while ago. These two large artworks, both approximately 1500mm x 1000mm are abstract in form and are sitting in pride of place on two prominent walls in our home. The colours and the abstract techniques adopted in both paintings have been admired by many visitors to our home who have complimented us on our purchases. Both works are refreshingly different from our other paintings and we often wondered why Wendy had not decided until now to spread her wings and show the wider world her considerable talent. "

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David and Kati Wood

what clients are saying

"Wendy was a joy to work with and offered up a creative and well thought out colour palette for our heritage cottage. Working in the creative industries ourselves, we really appreciated her insight and attention detail, colour, space and light. Wendy offered up ideas that have elevated our project for a polished and professional touch.”

Jane and Grant Wallace